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Criminal Appeals

Many times, mistakes are made in the trial court by way of denials of defense motions, ineffective assistance of counsel or errors in sentencing by the courts. In these circumstances, an appeal of the trial court's ruling or sentence may be an option.

The Law Office of Shannon McFee and our expungement attorneys represent clients who are seeking to appeal errors committed in the lower courts of Collier and Lee Counties. Seek out a Naples lawyer available at our office.

  • Direct Appeals
  • Motions to Correct Judgments and Sentences
  • 3.850 Post-conviction motions

Expungement and Sealing of Record

The Law Office of Shannon McFee recognizes that most people who have been arrested would like to turn the clock back in time to avoid the situation that brings him/her to our Naples lawyers in the first instance. While that cannot be done, the law does provide a statutory mechanism wherein a person can lawfully deny having been arrested when and if certain rules and procedures have been followed.

Oftentimes the most important aspect of a case to a client who finds themselves charged with a criminal law violation is the necessity to clean up this record. With The Law Office of Shannon McFee and and an expungement attorney, we can assist in determining eligibility for sealing or expunging of a person's official arrest record and assist in complying with the procedures involved.

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