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Do You need a Drug Crime Attorney in Naples, FL

Defending criminal charges in Collier County, Florida

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The Law Office of Shannon McFee, P.A. and our drug crime attorneys represent clients who have been arrested for drug possession, dealing, trafficking, or manufacture in Naples, Fort Myers, and the surrounding towns of Collier and Lee counties in Southwest Florida. If you are in need of a Naples lawyer, don't hesitate to call our office.

When you are accused of drug possession, our Naples lawyers may be able to help you find a solution that doesn’t involve heavy fines or jail time:

  • Pretrial diversion/intervention — available to first-time, non-violent offenders; the charges are dropped when pretrial diversion is completed
  • Drug court — available to repeat offenders who have debilitating substance abuse problems; the charges may be dropped if certain conditions are satisfied.
  • Motion to suppress — if evidence was obtained in an illegal manner, we may be able to have evidence excluded from your case, which may get your case dismissed.
  • Plea — Minimal probation or other plea deals may suit certain clients who wish to resolve the case without the risk of a trial that could include jail time; pleas may involve randomized drug testing or travel restrictions.
  • Trial — Many clients are not guilty of the charges that are brought against them; these cases may prevail at trial.

If you would like to learn if any of these solutions might apply to your case, please contact the criminal attorney at The Law Office of Shannon McFee to schedule an appointment for consultation with a criminal attorney.

If you have been charged with drug sales, delivery, trafficking, or manufacture, Florida has many mandatory prison laws in place. In these instances, it is extremely unwise to proceed without an attorney.